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July 2018

Updated Chapters
Chapter Name Details
Case Recording Policy and Staff Guidance Section 17, Records must usually be Retained After Closure has been updated with to include a link to Children’s Services – Retention of Records table which provides an overview of the retention requirements for different types of Children’s Social Care Records.
Missing Children This chapter has been significantly updated.
The Police Section 1.1, Missing Children has been revised to take account of the revised College of Policing definition of missing and absent.
Recognising and Treating Abuse and Neglect Guidance This guidance has been reviewed and updated to reflect current Government guidance on safeguarding children and the responsibility which is shared among all professionals to keep children safe and promote their welfare.
Safeguarding Children and Young People from Sexual Exploitation Section 1, Introduction has been revised throughout to include additional information on the nature of child sexual exploitation and its impact on young people. Section 3, Indicators of Possible Sexual Exploitation has also been included to reflect the complexity of child sexual exploitation, including situations where young people are both perpetrators and victims of abuse.
Referring Safeguarding Concerns This guidance has been reviewed and updated throughout to reflect current Government guidance on safeguarding children and emphasises that keeping children safe and promoting their welfare is a responsibility of all staff working in the home, not just managers and key workers.
Allegations Against Staff and Volunteers This guidance has been updated to clarify the distinct roles and responsibilities of the Local Authority Designated Officer (LADO) and the homes’ senior manger in relation to the handling of allegations against staff and volunteers.
Representations and Complaints Contact details for the Children’s Commissioner Help at Hand Service have been added to this chapter. Any looked after child living in a residential care home can contact the Help at Hand Service for support, advice and information.
Countering Bullying and Peer Abuse This chapter has been significantly updated.
Visitors This guidance has been reviewed throughout and refreshed as required.
Provision and Preparation of Meals Section 2, Preparation of Meals has been updated to reflect that children’s’ views are sought and help to shape the menus and food items available.
Smoking and Alcohol Section 1.1, E-cigarettes/Vapes has been added and links to 'Electronic cigarettes – NHS' and 'Drinkaware' have been added in the Related Information section.
Notification of Serious Events The title of this document has been revised to ‘Notification of Serious Events’ to provide clarity and better reflect terminology used in the Children’s Homes Regulations and Quality Standards.

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