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9.8 Bedtime Policy


This chapter outlines Breakaway’s bedtime programme.


Waking Night Policy

This chapter was added to the manual in June 2013.


  1. Policy
  2. Procedure

1. Policy

A child/young person’s bedtime routine should be indicated in their ‘This is Me’ (Care Plan) as agreed between the child/young person (if appropriate) their parent/carer and keyworker. It should be remembered that each child/young person’s bedtime routine may be different and some may require more support than others, some may require a bedtime story to be read before sleeping, they may like a night light left on, the door open etc.

2. Procedure

We aim to ensure that all children/young people have time to relax and unwind before going to bed. All children/young people are offered a bath or shower in the evening. They are given the choice and the option not to have either unless by doing so conflicts with their “This is Me”. All children/young people are offered a bedtime snack before going to bed unless it specifically says otherwise in their ‘This is Me’. The children/young people’s bed linen is always freshly laundered on admission and again on discharge, also at any time necessary throughout the duration of their stay.

The curtains/blinds of all windows in the unit are closed before the children/young people start getting ready for bed to maintain privacy and dignity. They are kept closed until morning.

If a child/young person gets up during the night they must be encouraged by the waking night staff to go back to bed unless of course they are just getting up to use the toilet. If they have only got up to use the toilet waking night staff to give them assistance if required and then ensure they go back to bed. If a child/young person continually gets up or just refuses to go back to bed they must be discouraged from getting out toys and playing, watching the TV (turn it off) and must not be offered food. If they indicate they want a drink water is to be offered.