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9.16 Children’s Clothing

This chapter was added to the manual in June 2013.


  1. Aim
  2. Procedure

1. Aim

To prevent children/young people’s clothing being damaged through incorrect washing/drying.

No laundry will be done of Children’s clothing unless soiled, in this instance clothing will be washed according to the instructions in the garment/s. Clothes will not be tumble dried in case of shrinkage.  

2. Procedure

Clothing lists MUST be completed for each young person each time they receive an overnight stay at Breakaway.

Lists are either complete by:

  1. The staff member allocated to work with the child/young person; a worker may be allocated by the shift leader to complete this or by the young person’s parent/carer;
  2. If a parent writes a clothing list (this may not be on a Breakaway list) the clothes must still be checked off and ticked to say they have come into the unit. The worker checking against the parents list must sign and add which room the child/young person is staying in.

    Once completed the clothing lists are placed in the handover file ready for checking the clothes out when the child/young person is going home. Again when checking out the staff member doing this must sign and date the clothing list. Once the child/young person has gone home the clothing list will be kept for one month in the Clothing Lists file and then shredded.

    When writing a clothing list staff must record as much information as possible to describe the item including - colour, pattern, size, manufacturer, and initial the clothing label.