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3.1 Daily Routine and House Rules


  1. Daily Routine
  2. House Rules

1. Daily Routine

Each young person has in individual plan relating to their day-to-day arrangements. They also have a weekly timetable located on their working file. Together with the unit diary and the above documents the duty staff will plan each shift. (Please see guidance relating to ‘shift planning’).

Taking into account the individual needs of each young person there are some general routines that are adopted by the unit to help ensure continuity of care for all the young people resident.


  • Staff are on duty from 7h00 onwards;
  • Young people attending education arrangements i.e., school, college, etc. to be called to woken at the times arranged on their weekly timetables;
  • Diary to be consulted for any appointments for the young people for the day; if appropriate, inform the young people of afternoon appointments;
  • Young people can have a bath or shower as part of their morning routine;
  • Young people to be offered breakfast before they go off-site or until 09.30am in the event of no education arrangements having yet been identified or in the event that the young person refuses to attend any education arrangements.
  • Any transport arrangements for the young people are to be pre-arranged and the duty staff will also take this into account when planning the shift.


The young people who have gone off-site will have alternative lunch arrangements i.e. packed lunch, school dinners or lunch monies. The young people who are on site are to be offered lunch between 12.00am and 13.00pm. If the young people refuse lunch, staff will inform them that they would have to wait until after school hours (15h00) for a snack.


  • If any of the young people have appointments in the afternoon, arrangements are to be made relating to these;
  • Shift change and Handover occurs at 14h30. (Refer to Handover Procedure);
  • The young people who have been offsite at education arrangements will return at the relevant times;
  • The staff member who has been identified to prepare and cook the evening meal may want to start this.


  • Dinner is at 18.00 or around that time depending on the demands of the shift;
  • The young people are to complete any home work and are to prepare their clothes (with help from staff) for the following day. They may also help staff to make their packed lunches when necessary;
  • The young people usually have free time during the evening to watch television, play on the computer, listen to music, etc.;
  • Young people may take a bath or shower before going up to settle at their bedtimes. (Please see guidelines on ‘bedtimes for young people’);
  • Supper time is between 20.30pm and 21.30pm;
  • All young people are to be settled by 23.00 unless an extension has been pre-negotiated and agreed with duty staff;
  • At 23.00 duty staff are to go off duty/ up to sleep in rooms where possible, unless there is a reason that would prevent this i.e. a Young person being reported as ‘Missing’ (see guidelines on ‘Reporting Young People as ‘Missing’), or if the Young People fail to settle. ‘Sleep in’ staff are due back on duty by 07.00am the following morning;
  • As we have stated before in ‘Mallards guidance relating to shift times’ that sleep in staff are to attend to any incidents that may occur during the night.

*The above is a general guide and staff should be aware that this can, and will change depending on the arrangements of the young people, and the individual requirements of each shift.

2. House Rules

House rules are establish to ensure we can deliver a good quality service and that all young people are treated equally.

The Main rules of Mallards Are:

  • Respecting any curfew / return times agreed between the members of the staff team and young people. If young people fail to return to the unit and they are out without permission, they will be reported missing to the local police;
  • Treating fellow residents and staff members with respect. This includes respecting other young people’s property, their space and life choices. We operate a no-tolerance bullying policy. We do not accept any racism, homophobia, sexist language and or behaviour;
  • Young people are expected to participate to weekly chores which includes tidying their bedroom and one room of the household. They are also expected to participate to daily “dinner-time” chores, such as setting the table, clearing the table, washing up, etc.;
  • Mallards offers many common rooms which young people can meet in, therefore, we discourage young people from being in each other’s bedrooms;
  • We have general rules such as: no play-fighting, games/ films/ TV programs must be age appropriate, non-smoking house.

If young people do not respect the few rules we do have, the team on duty will discuss an appropriate and proportionate consequence (see Sanctions Procedure).