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9.9 Fire Procedure


Fire Safety Policy - to follow

Fire Alarm Testing Procedure

Evacuation Procedure


This chapter was significantly updated in July 2014 and should be re read.


  1. By Day
  2. By Night

1. By Day

Fire Person 1 and Fire Person 2 must be identified at Handover. Fire Person 2 is to support Fire Person 1 throughout the procedure.

  1. If You Discover a Fire:
    1. Operate the nearest fire alarm call point and shout ‘FIRE’;
    2. Fire Person 1 will collect the Fire Log book, Visitor’s book and telephone 999;
    3. All staff and service users are to evacuate the building via the nearest fire exit and assemble at the 1st assembly point which is outside of the back gate (adjacent to car park). If there is anyone in the kitchen they are not to leave via the kitchen door they must leave via a designated fire exit. Fire Person 1 to check that all staff, children / young people and visitors are out of the building by doing a name call from Fire Log book and Visitor’s book. Once everyone is accounted for, for safety reasons, you can move to assembly point 2 which is inside the back gate if directed by Fire Person 1.
  2. On Hearing the Alarm:
    1. Fire Person 1 will collect the Fire book, Visitor’s book and telephone from the main office and check what side of the building the fire is on;
    2. Fire Person 1 should then phone the Fire and Rescue Service clearly giving the address and phone number. DO NOT hang up until the fire brigade repeat the address back to you;
    3. Staff and young people are to leave via the nearest fire exit and safely make their way to the 1st assembly point (outside of back gate adjacent to car park);
    4. Fire Person 1 would then check that everyone was accounted for by checking names off in the Fire book and Visitor’s book;
    5. Once everyone is accounted for move to assembly point 2 (inside the back gate) once directed by Fire Person 1;
    6. No-one is to re-enter the building or leave the assembly point until directed by Fire Person 1 who would need to have been advised by the Fire and Rescue Service.
  3. When the Fire and Rescue Service and They will Need to Know:
    1. Any trapped persons or casualties;
    2. Location of the fire as indicated on the fire panel i.e. A or B side, if fire is in the loft space the light will flash on the Fire Detector Operated box about the boiler cupboard on the respective side of the building;
    3. Nearest entrance to the fire;
    4. Hazards in the area e.g. cleaning materials.

2. By Night

  1. The Fire Person is the Waking Night staff member;
  2. Follow above instructions;
  3. If evacuating at night, when all staff and children / young people have been accounted for, all individuals are to go to Bungalow 3;
  4. No one to return to Breakaway until Fire and Rescue Service have given all clear saying safe to return;
  5. If Fire and Rescue Service say it is not safe to return to Breakaway parents / carers to be telephoned to come and collect their child (names / telephone numbers at front of Fire book).