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5.7 Representations and Complaints


Guidance on Chapter 5 of the Regulations – Policies, Records, Complaints and Notifications

Regulation 5 - Engaging with the Wider System to Ensure Each Child’s Needs are Met

The Children’s Views, Wishes and Feelings Standard


This chapter should be read in conjunction with the following:


Anne Longfield OBE, Children's Commissioner for England
The Office of the Children's Commissioner
Sanctuary Buildings
20 Great Smith Street

Help at Hand – Support, advice and information for young people in care or living away from home.

Tel: 0800 528 0731 (free phone number)

Piccadilly Gate
Store Street
M1 2WD

Tel: 0300 123 1231


This chapter covers complaints received in respect of services to children provided by The Home.

It should be read in conjunction with Slough Children’s Trust Complaints Procedures, and Slough borough Council’s “Whistle Blowing” Procedure.

Those wishing to make complaints in relation to a looked After Child may refer their complaints directly to OFSTED at any time


Contact details for the Children’s Commissioner Help at Hand Service have been added to this chapter in July 2018. Any looked after child living in a residential care home can contact the Help at Hand Service for support, advice and information.


  1. Introduction
  2. Who can make a Complaint?
  3. In House Mallards Complaints Procedure
  4. Slough Borough Council's Corporate Complaints Procedure

1. Introduction

The underlying principle of the complaints procedure is resolution, not conflict.

It is essential that those who receive and rely on services provided in The Home feel able to make comments and complaints about them. Having an open and accessible complaints system contributes to our objective of listening to the views of children. By taking concerns and complaints seriously we can improve performance and raise standards, as well as develop sound professional relationships with those who use our service.

2. Who can make a Complaint?

In house complaints relating to the home can be made by;

  • Any child resident in the home by using the in-house procedure and can if they so wish pursue this further by using the corporate complaints procedure if unhappy with the Home's Manager's outcomes;
  • A parent or person with parental responsible for a child resident at the home: by using the corporate policy and procedure.

Complaints using the Corporate Complaints procedure can be made by any user of the service  as well as parents, foster parents, and any such person as the authority considers has sufficient interest in a child's welfare to warrant a complaint or representation being considered by them.

3. In House Mallards Complaints Procedure

The home has a complaints procedure which is designed to be child centred and friendly.

All staff are aware of the procedure and young people (and relevant adults) are made aware during their introduction to the home. Staff should respond positively to any suggestion or request to make a complaint.

All complaints are directed to the Manager of the Home who will arrange to meet with the person making the complaint. Details and decisions from all stages of the procedure are recorded in a specifically designed child friendly form. Time limits are placed on the stages of action to prevent 'drift'.

The underlying principle of the complaints procedure is resolution, not conflict.

Use of the In-House procedure does not prevent complaints via the Corporate procedure.

4. Slough Borough Council's Corporate Complaints Procedure

Slough borough Corporate procedure is available on line at Slough Borough Council website.