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8.6 Rostering and Handover Procedure


The Leadership and Management Standard


The unit work on a monthly roster based on a calendar month. The roster is compiled by one of the Assistant Unit Managers and staff have the opportunity to request specific shifts, days off and annual leave.

The main shifts are as follows:

  • Sleep-in: 14h30 to 23h00 + Sleep-in followed by 7h to 15h;
  • Late shift: 14h30 to 22h30.

The staff team may also be given day shifts with varying hours to accommodate for training, study days, extra staffing needed, etc.

Handover Meetings

Handover meetings start promptly at 14h30 and need to be completed by 15h00 so that the new team can plan their shift. This means that the morning team needs to be ready for 14h30 and have completed all relevant paperwork (contacts, log, handover sheet, etc).

Wherever possible, handovers should take place in a room other than the staff office to avoid interruptions.

Ensure there is an appropriate staff ratio to young people when handover is taking place.

Handover consists of:

  • Identifying shift leader and undertaking relevant tasks (see below);
  • The morning team to give a factual verbal account of the events of the last 24hrs going through each young person which would include:
    1. Health / emotional / physical wellbeing;
    2. Movements, i.e. education, appointments, contact, activities, absconding and return;
    3. Behaviour - positive and negative - and any sanctions to be carried out;
    4. Communication with other professionals and family and outcomes.
  • Maintenance issues; repairs completed or outstanding;
  • Staff alterations;
  • Medication administered;
  • Any outstanding actions / phone calls / appointments;
  • Awareness of any incidents / accidents that may have taken place / outstanding issues.

Ensure that everything listed above is appropriately cross-referenced to corresponding record.

Shift Leader

The shift leader can be identified by looking on the monthly rota. A coloured dot will be affixed next to a shift thereby identifying a person. The ATM's allocate “the dots” at the beginning of the month. This is done so that all have the opportunity to experience shift leading responsibilities but also to share the work load amongst the staff team.

The shift leader is the allocated person to be overall responsible for their shift. They are expected to count the medication and the petty cash at handover. They will also take over the handover sheet and use this tool to plan their shift (see Shift Planning below). Ultimately, it is the shift leader’s responsibility to ensure that all tasks are carried out and completed by 14h30 the next day in readiness for the next handover meeting.

They are also expected to take sleeping-in room 1 which houses the in-house security system panel (see building security) and also a phone connected to Mallards’ main telephone line. It goes without saying that it is expected that the phone will be answered at all times of the day.

Shift Planning

The new team will take a few moments to plan work needed to be carried out for the new shift, allocating workers to various tasks. This is to be noted on the shift plan so that all can refer to when needed.