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9.6 Security of the Home


This chapter was added to the manual in June 2013.

Security of the home is paramount to ensure the safety of the children/young people.

Breakaway’s external doors are locked to ensure the safety of the children/young people but will release if the fire alarm sounds. The lounge door, leading to the garden can remain open providing staff are with the children/young people at all times.

The garden is fully fenced and the gate at the bottom of the garden has a key pad lock which can only be opened by Breakaway staff member’s who have the code.

The front door is sometimes left open during the day when there are no children/young people in the building and in this case the main office door must be closed so any visitors to the building would not just be able to walk in and go in to the office where there could be confidential information visible.

Doors to the kitchen, office, laundry, linen cupboard, toy cupboard, art & craft cupboard have key pads so access is only via a member of staff. 

If it becomes known that a child/young person knows the key pad code then a job must be put out to Interserve immediately to change the code.

At night, all windows are closed and locked and all other external doors must be locked by the evening shift once it is dusk.

Night staff will check that the building is secure on their arrival.