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6.1 Smoking and Alcohol


The Health and Well-being Standard


Transporting Children


Smokefree – NHS

Electronic Cigarettes – NHS

Drinkaware – NHS


Section 1.1, E-cigarettes/Vapes was added in July 2018 and links to 'Electronic cigarettes – NHS' and 'Drinkaware' were added in the Related Information section.


1. Smoking
  1.1 E-cigarettes/Vapes
2. Alcohol

1. Smoking

Staff and visitors are not permitted to smoke in front of children. Each home should designate an area, where staff may smoke.

Children may only smoke if the social worker and, preferably, the child's parents approve. If approval is given, the arrangements for this must be outlined in the child's Placement Plan; together with a clear plan for helping the child to reduce or cease the habit.

Those children who are permitted to smoke may only do so outside the home; in an area designated by the Manager.

No Child is to be allowed matches unless deemed to be responsible by the Manager of The Home.

Staff are not permitted to purchase or give cigarettes, tobacco, or the materials for making or lighting cigarettes or tobacco to children.

As from the 1st October 2015 new rules apply about smoking in vehicles. For further information see Smoking in vehicles and new Guidance Rules about tobacco, e-cigarettes and smoking: 1 October 2015.

1.1 E-cigarettes/Vapes

The effects of E-cigarettes/vapes is still unknown. Until more information is available the home views nicotine and tobacco based e-smoking / vaping the same as conventional smoking.

2. Alcohol

All homes should be alcohol free zones; alcohol should not be brought or kept on the premises and children should not normally be taken into licensed premises, unless it is part of a clear plan leading toward independence or a special occasion; e.g. Christmas. In any case, children may not be allowed to purchase or consume alcohol.

Staff are not permitted to consume alcohol whilst on duty and should not arrive at work under the influence of alcohol.