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9.7 Waking Night Policy


Bedtime Policy

This chapter was added to the manual in June 2013.


  1. Policy
  2. Procedure

1. Policy

The waking night staff is/are to ensure that all premises are secured. Front doors are locked at all times, to ensure the safety of the children and young people, but will release if the fire alarm sounds. All windows should be closed and locked and other external doors should be closed and locked. All waking night staff should know and be familiar with the units Fire Procedure and all other policies within the unit. Fire Person1 & 2 would be the waking night staff if two are on shift or the waking night staff member would be Fire Person 1 and the sleeping in person would be Fire Person 2 and they should participate in a fire evacuation drill every six months.

If any accidents or incidents occur during the night it is the responsibility of the waking night staff to fill in any relevant forms and put for the attention of the manager and the shift leader on the following shift. The child or young person’s parents must be informed of any incident involving their child. Body charts would also need to be filled in with detail.

2. Procedure

Any difficulties during the night of a serious nature, the waking night and sleeping-in staff should contact one of the designated managers (as indicated in the Business Continuity Procedure) for advice and support.

The night staff is to administer medication with the sleep-in person as necessary once they have been on training. All night staff must adhere to the policies and procedures if administering medication.

Waking night staff are to ensure that all children or young people are asleep, and if not to support them to get to sleep.  

All night duties are to be undertaken once the children or young people are asleep. Waking night staff should check all children and young people every half an hour or every twenty minutes if epileptic and to sign on the handover sheet to say they have done so. Please see children and young people’s Care Plans for any authorised individual variations to this rule.

Some children or young people would need the support with personal care during the night.

No smoking is allowed during the night.

The waking night worker/s is/are to remain awake at all times and remain fully available throughout the night to supervise the children or young people and ensure the security of the unit.