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9.19 Mobile Phone and Camera Image Policy


The Children Act 1989

Data Protection Act 1998

Berkshire LSCB Child Protection Procedures


Policy Statement

At Breakaway the safety of the children and young people is paramount. To keep them protected at all times a Mobile Phone and Camera Image Policy is necessary and its procedures are to be strictly adhered to.

The aim of this policy is to ensure that Breakaway is a safe and controlled environment and that no adults within the setting are able to use mobile phones or cameras inappropriately.

This chapter was added to the manual in July 2014.


  1. Policy
  2. Procedure

1. Policy

Personal mobile phones belonging to members of staff are not to be used during working hours either on the premises or when on outings.

Visitors, including workmen, professionals and parents / carers must be made aware by signage and verbally that they must not use their mobile phone in the unit when children are present. If they need to receive / make a call they must go outside of the building.

Social Workers visiting children and young people must be informed, if they are to spend time alone with a child / young person, that they are required to put their mobile phone in the designated box if it has a camera facility.

Only the equipment belonging to Breakaway is to be used to take images of children and young people. It can only be used to take images of children and young people participating in activities, either inside or outside of Breakaway, to evidence their development, learning and enjoyment and only once written consent is received from parents / carers (in This is Me) in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. These images may be displayed in Breakaway to help children and young people feel inclusive.

Where a parent / carer has given consent but a child or young person declines to have an image taken, it must be treated as consent not having been given and it must be recorded in their file that this is the case.

No images that are taken of children and young people are to be downloaded onto any personal equipment.

No electronic copies of images to be passed to outside agencies.

Any staff member found not to be complying with this Policy will face disciplinary action.

2. Procedure

If staff feel that they need to bring their personal mobile phone/s in to work then they must be put on silent mode and placed in the designated box in the Manager’s office on arrival for their shift. Mobile phone/s can be collected at the end of the shift.

The shift leader is responsible for ensuring that all staff on their shift have put their mobile phone/s in the box. The Shift Leader will carry the Breakaway mobile phone (that has no camera) on them at all times.

When Management are not in their office it is the Shift Leader’s responsibility to ensure that mobile phones remain in the Manager’s office in the designated box. 

Should staff disregard the Shift Leader’s responsibility then it is a duty of care that other staff on the shift whistleblow.

Staff may give the Breakaway mobile phone number and the Breakaway landline number to family members or those who may need to contact them in an emergency i.e. school, hospital.

Staff to make anyone who has been given the Breakaway mobile phone number aware that it is just for emergencies.

Under no circumstances may members of staff bring in their own imaging device i.e. camera, laptop, IPad, tablet.